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YOU  have been  suffering with a rejection   curse all your entire life  that even your family also do reject you and you cannot do anything that pleases them no matter what , and when it comes to men  /women that then it worse. You have tried to find help from other doctors so that you can get attracted to men  so you can find a lover of your life but it has never been easy for and at some extent  you have given up and you think you cannot find someone or cannot get attracted someone who can love you for ever, with my
 you can win the battle in days and after working on you , you will notice that people are starting to follow you and you are getting attracted to most people of the different sex , so it is a  battle that you are going to fight by yourself not sitting behind folding your hands and start feeling  jealous for other people who are happy and loved and attracted by men or women , stop complaining how you have tried  because good things do not easily come, but they come to those who seek for them tirelessly so if you are having such a problem let me be your last choice.
Get attraction spells that will help you get attracted to people you want to fall in love with. This spell works also in lesbians and gays to have power and be attracted by a just look at any man/woman and they will have feelings for you and get followed by them right away.