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This spell   is specifically for women who give birth naturally , remember the more children you make and give birth too on a natural way the more your virginal enlarges , and also women who sleep with different men also get  their virginals enlarged  because men have got different  sizes  of penis ,  the more men you change  the more your private parts enlarge  and will come to the extent of men not enjoying making love with you because your  hole has now grown too wide that they just fall in it as a pit hole . WOMEN TAKE NOTE OF THIS ; Men  go for young girls because they believe  that there holes are too tight which enables to enjoy their love making , so women out there you need  tightening  creams so that you lovers can enjoy  love making and on the other side so women are too small that men cannot penetrate through then , and it always feels painful , you need to come and get enlargement cream .

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